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J.D., University of Missouri, 1979
B.A., Washington University, St. Louis, 1975

State bars of Oregon
and Washington
U.S. Supreme Court
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Eight Circuit Court of Appeals
U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon
U.S. District Court for the District of Montana

Law Practice
For more than 35 years, Steven Ungar has focused his practice on white collar criminal defense, government investigations, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, subpoena response, professional licensing, government affairs, and crisis management. His experience includes serving as General Counsel for a public company operating in the software and gaming technology sectors; as Chair of the Oregon State Lottery Commission, a gubernatorial appointment; and as Special Counsel to a health insurance co-op.

Steven has handled dozens of high-profile matters for U.S. and foreign corporations of all sizes; business executives; colleges and universities; nonprofit organizations; and Native American tribes. In addition to handling complex litigation, he frequently leads interdisciplinary teams of professionals–including lawyers, forensic accountants and investigators—in negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, media-related issues, and, where necessary, prosecuting or defending adversarial proceedings. Since moving to Oregon 20 years ago, he has been one of the Northwest’s go-to lawyers in each of these areas, consistently recognized as a first-tier choice for businesses and individuals facing complex legal problems.

I. Government Investigations, Civil and Criminal Litigation and Regulatory Compliance

Steven has extensive expertise and experience assisting clients who face governmental investigations, federal criminal prosecutions, and regulatory compliance demands.  His experience and expertise in dealing with government agencies, law enforcement, IRS investigators and prosecutors translates into favorable outcomes for Angeli Ungar clients facing  complex personal, legal and business problems, including: securities audits, investigations, and enforcement actions at both the federal and state level;   tax audits and inquiries at both the federal and state level; broker-dealer misconduct; bank and bankruptcy audits and fraud; misappropriation of trade secrets or intellectual property; computer- and internet-related offenses, including hacking and identity theft; and obstruction of justice and perjury.

Representative matters and clients in this area include:

II. Gaming Law: Lottery, Casino, Bingo, Racing and Tribal Issues

Steven has extensive experience in all sectors of the highly regulated gaming and lottery industries, including all aspects of traditional and video lottery; internet and online gaming; tribal gaming; and media relations and crisis management for gaming and lottery companies. He served as Commissioner and Chairman of the Oregon State Lottery from 2005-2012, and has served as special compliance counsel and general counsel to public companies doing business in the gaming, lottery and parimutuel betting industries. In particular, Steven’s expertise and representative matters in this area include:

III. Crisis Management

Steven is often called upon to represent firm clients in preventing or mitigating the effects of financial and public relations crises, limiting personal and economic hardship, and minimizing financial damages and other adverse consequences. When a serious problem or crisis cannot be prevented, he has a proven track record of providing hands-on guidance to executives, managers and boards to contain crises and enhance strategic decision-making. His experience includes providing both above-the-radar legal representation and behind-the-scenes advice regarding public and media relations; coordinating with public relations firms and other professionals; conducting independent internal investigations (e.g., for special committees formed by a board of directors); and coordinating constructive dialogues with government investigators.

IV. Health Care Law

Steven has extensive experience representing health care providers, who face a myriad of increasingly complex state and federal laws, rules and regulations, as well as a heightened level of scrutiny from both federal and state investigators. He recently co-authored the chapter on Health Care Fraud and Abuse in the Oregon State Bar’s Health Law in Oregon, an attorneys’ guide to the laws and regulations surrounding health care in Oregon. He helps clients navigate these laws and, where necessary, respond to investigations and other enforcement actions, including reimbursement audits and actions to recover alleged overpayments.  Representative matters in this area include:

V. Native American Legal Affairs

For years, Steven has served a number of Native American tribes as an effective Special Counsel on both internal and external matters involving criminal law, regulatory compliance, taxation, gaming, and jurisdictional and economic development matters. Working with colleagues at the firm and hand-picked consultants, Steven approaches serious problems in a manner ranging from “under the radar” strategic counsel to task-force type representation, providing legal assistance to Tribal councils and boards focusing on:

VI. Professional Licensing

Steven takes a balanced yet appropriately aggressive and comprehensive approach to protecting the rights of professionals targeted in licensing investigations. He has represented licensed professionals and firms in all stages of formal and informal disciplinary actions before licensing and supervisory boards, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, chiropractors, psychologists, dentists, professional counselors and educators. Steven also assists our clients facing regulatory obstacles in obtaining and maintaining licenses to do business or practice in Oregon and Washington.  Representative matters and clients in this area include:

VII. Representing Crime Victims

The increasing recognition of victims’ rights in both criminal and civil cases–and in both federal and state courts, including those in Oregon and Washington—has given rise to a growing practice area. Steven’s experience as both a criminal defense lawyer and as counsel for governmental entities and organizations provides an excellent foundation from which to advocate on behalf of victims of criminal acts. He has successfully obtained in-depth information about the prosecution of crimes committed against our clients, protected and recovered property and property rights, and secured commitments to receive counseling and financial compensation.

In a recent high-profile case involving the kidnapping and assault of his client, Gert Boyle, Founder and Chairwoman of Columbia Sportswear Company, Steven won an expanded role on her behalf, advocating for specific relief and results in the plea negotiation and sentencing process. He has assisted clients in asserting victims’ rights by representing witnesses giving testimony about their injuries before grand juries and in civil cases; facilitating cooperation with government prosecutors and regulatory agencies; coordinating with lawyers who file lawsuits on behalf of victims for compensation; and advising on alternatives (e.g., injunctions and results sought in proceedings before parole boards) to protect our client-victims’ rights.

VIII. Environmental Investigations and Prosecutions

Steven’s legal experience in this area includes both federal- and state-level investigations, which lead to civil and criminal enforcement in an increasingly complex and voluminous environmental regulatory landscape. He has represented clients in negotiating settlements and litigating issues arising out of alleged violations concerning air, water and hazardous chemicals.  Representative matters and clients include: